Rehabilitation of leprosy sufferers. Educating and providing vocational training of the girl child of leprosy sufferers, a project we started in 1993

Avoidable blindness

Sponsor writers to help the visually impaired students to ‘write’ their examination papers and provide them other educational help.

Youth development

Provide financial support and educational material to the children of Sree Satyananda Vidya Niket, a school situated near Baruipur

Water & Sanitation

Install bio sand water filters in schools for underprivileged children along with washing stations and toilet blocks, separate for girls and boys. Construction of low cost toilets in the rural areas of Bengal is an ongoing project. This year, additionally, we plan to renovate a block of toilets and bathing areas at All Bengal Women’s Union, a project that will cost about Rs 5,00,000.

Mother and Child Health

Provide pre-conception treatment to improve maternal health before and after pregnancy.

Cervical cancer

Administer vaccines for prevention of cervical cancer. This Rotary year, between July and November, with collaboration from Chittaranjan Cancer Institute, we have already vaccinated 555 adolescent girls in the age group 9-15, in Kolkata and villages in 24 South Parganas.

Major Projects